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IC Contact [community profile] asgardeventide

You've reached the inbox for myself.

Since I haven't answered it means I'm busy. Leave a message or whatever it is you do and I'll read it when I remember.
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Shall we have that talk, Doctor? [Turlough's voice is obviously grumpy, but then again-it's Turlough.]
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I just want to know why you kept your identity a secret from everyone. [There's an implied 'from me' in there as well.]
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So you are the Doctor, but you don't consider yourself to be?
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All of you that come after my Doctor surprise me in some way.

[There's a small pause, while Turlough decides how best to phrase this.]

I don't blame you, you know. I know what it's like to make bad decisions when you think it's the only way out. [aka the whole Black Guardian mess] I just wish it could have gone differently.
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Right doesn't necessarily mean 'good,' you know. A bad decision can still be the right one.